• Chrissy Poitras, Watercolour, Painting, Work on Paper, Abstract


    The two new paintings are taking on a new composition which I like.

  • Chrissy Poitras, Watercolour, Watercolor, Paper, Abstract, Blue, Green, Pink


      The sun outside inspires light and airy painting inside. Working on all of the pieces for the indie go go campaign perks has been more challenging that I imagined. I want to make sure all the works are great! Here is one of the paintings I made for one of the awesome contributors. This piece is called Up or Down?

  • Chrissy Poitras, Painting, Abstract, Pink, Purple, Green, Watercolour, Pen, Mini, Paper work


    I have started a new series of small pieces as sketches for my larger paintings. I love the freedom of small works. They can become so playful.

  • 2013 CALENDARS

    In November, 2012 we had a resident staying at the studio, Shelley Harrison, who wanted to put together a collaborative calendar. She asked Kyle and I if we would participate. Of course we were happy to be involved. These are the five small painting sketching I did for the calendar.