• I'm U, screenprint by Chrissy Poitras

    I’M U

    Finally making time for my art again! Here is my newest silkscreen “I’m U”. It’s a six colour screenprint done on legion paper. I have been working with a program called Paper 53 to make these new prints. I love it! I just wish I had an ipad to work on instead of my cellphone.  

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    Sometimes it’s nice just to work on a few small pieces. These pieces are approximately 5 x 7 in and are done on rag paper. They are on display at the House of Falconer in Picton, ON. I have plans for some new panel works in oil which I can’t wait to begin. But, we have a lot on our plate with Spark Box Studio right now which is taking me away from painting. Lucky for me, even though I really want to start this new series of paintings,¬†everything I do with Spark Box Studio is still creative and art related.  


    Finally finished the last two commissioned abstract watercolour paintings from the Indiegogo campaign. This piece is titled Spotlight and was finished over the holidays. I have now started working on a 4 x 5 ft oil painting and am hoping I can bring some of the concentrated mark making I have been doing in these watercolours into the larger oil paintings.¬† I also want the energy and flow of these small watercolours to be present in the oil paintings. Looking back on some of the older oil paintings I have done the elements seem to hover statically in the space and lack the interaction these marks have.  

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    I find it challenging to motivate myself in the winter. I really just want to stay curled up in a blanket, computer on my lap, reading about how to be motivated … instead of actually being motivated and going out into the studio to print. But, this past Sunday, I got out from under my comfy blanket and went out to the printshop to work on pulling some proofs of my newest etching. I have been thinking about pulling these proofs for a few months now so it felt great to finally get it done. I’m going to use these four prints to assess where I might add colour, aquatint,…

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    Earlier this year I got an email from Debbie at Work Your Art asking if I would participate in her newest section on the website. I was super excited! I think this site is great, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to contribute. The questions were wonderful and I hope my answers did them justice. Please take a look and be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive helpful art tips sent to your inbox every week!

  • Chrissy Poitras, Abstract, Painting, Watercolor


    Continuing to work on some small abstract sketches to test out new ways of working with space in my pieces. See this piece in my Etsy shop.

  • Chrissy Poitras, Abstract, Watercolour, Painting


    I have been working on some new abstract sketches where I am working on creating spaces that have more of a three dimensional environment. This new piece is for sale on etsy here: Everyman Winner.