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    Sometimes it’s nice just to work on a few small pieces. These pieces are approximately 5 x 7 in and are done on rag paper. They are on display at the House of Falconer in Picton, ON. I have plans for some new panel works in oil which I can’t wait to begin. But, we have a lot on our plate with Spark Box Studio right now which is taking me away from painting. Lucky for me, even though I really want to start this new series of paintings,¬†everything I do with Spark Box Studio is still creative and art related.  

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      The sun outside inspires light and airy painting inside. Working on all of the pieces for the indie go go campaign perks has been more challenging that I imagined. I want to make sure all the works are great! Here is one of the paintings I made for one of the awesome contributors. This piece is called Up or Down?

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          Yesterday I took a little time to visit a couple places around the County. I stopped at the Lavender Farm to see all the plants in bloom and at the Oeno Gallery to take a walk through the Sculpture Garden. Then I went home and started some small works for an upcoming art fair in Kingston.

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        The last few months have flew by without much new work being produced. The studio has been busy with residents and I had a lot of work on my plate with teaching. But summer has arrived and with it a new exhibition. Last weekend was the opening for the Blizzmax Gallery Abstract Painting show. It was a great turn out. I had four pieces in the show included three from the Modern Fuel Exhibition and one new painting. I am really enjoying these watercolours!