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    I have started a new series of small pieces as sketches for my larger paintings. I love the freedom of small works. They can become so playful.

  • 2013 CALENDARS

    In November, 2012 we had a resident staying at the studio, Shelley Harrison, who wanted to put together a collaborative calendar. She asked Kyle and I if we would participate. Of course we were happy to be involved. These are the five small painting sketching I did for the calendar.

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    2012 is almost over and that means it is time to start making plans for the new year. I am excited to start building a new body of work in watercolours and a few new wax pieces as well. Here are two new paintings which I started recently. I thought I would try working in all warm and all cool colours as an experiment.

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        Despite my initial reaction to the idea of selling on Etsy I recently decided that it is probably a good idea … so I went ahead and made a shop. I must say it does feel pretty good to see all the work in one gallery together. I can really see the connections between the bodies of work, plus I have the added fun of seeing how other people feel about the work.

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          Yesterday I took a little time to visit a couple places around the County. I stopped at the Lavender Farm to see all the plants in bloom and at the Oeno Gallery to take a walk through the Sculpture Garden. Then I went home and started some small works for an upcoming art fair in Kingston.

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        The last few months have flew by without much new work being produced. The studio has been busy with residents and I had a lot of work on my plate with teaching. But summer has arrived and with it a new exhibition. Last weekend was the opening for the Blizzmax Gallery Abstract Painting show. It was a great turn out. I had four pieces in the show included three from the Modern Fuel Exhibition and one new painting. I am really enjoying these watercolours!


    As much as I love the scent of bees wax I really needed a break, so I started working on some watercolour paintings. I love the freedom of watercolour painting and the graphic quality they produce.


    It has been awhile since I have had an exhibition that has required as much work as this upcoming show with Kyle. It has me thinking about the last show I did with this much preparation which was at the solo exhibition called “Fill in the Spaces” I had at The Artel in Kingston. I really liked the work that came out of that exhibition. The wax drawings that I had done are definitely becoming a more prominent part of my work recently.